First of all..

What does “Mondoinundito” mean?

“Mondo in un dito” means “world in a finger” and i gave this name to my smal business because i love to see the details in everything i look at, and since the very beginning of this amazing adventure i have been wanting to create tiny and yet detailed things. That’s the reason why the mermaid in my logo is holding a little world in her hand. That’s mondoinudito, a place where i want everyone to discover the magic hidden within tiny things.

Not to mention that I have always been a person with a very strong imagination and polymer clay is the medium that allows me to bring to life my inner world: if fairytale creatures don’t exist, I created a place where they could live and be seen by other people as well.


About the shop;

1. Do you sell your chibis?

Yes, I do! I sell my latest creations here at www.mondoinundito.com and some less recent works are still available on my etsy: https://www.etsy.com/it/shop/mondoinundito.


2. Do you ship to my country?

As a general rule I ship worldwide. If you want to be sure about that though, feel free to send me an email at mondoinundito@gmail.com;

3. What shipping method do you use generally?


This is the standard and cheapest way to get your purchase.
a. The mail is traceable as long as it is in Italy (and until it leaves Italy);
b. It generally takes more or less 10/14 days to arrive (it may be less, it may be more depending on where you precisely live, the weather conditions and stuff like that);
4. Can I upgrade to traceable shipping?

Sure! In facts, if you have a 50+ euro order, I would suggest you to choose this shipping method.

a. If you choose this shipping method, you’ll get a code after I ship the mail out. This code can be used on the italian post service website to track the parcel while it’s in Italy (HERE). Then, you can use it on your own post service website: please notice that you won’t be able to use the code on your post service website until the parcel gets to your country.
b. It generally takes more time to get to your country (from 2 up to 8 weeks);
c. (IMPORTANT!!!) Someone has to be at home when it arrives as you need to confirm you have received it by signing the receipt. If nobody is at home when the package arrives, it will be brought back to your local post office and you’ll have to go there to pick it up.
d. All you have to do to get this shipping method, is to select this option before the check out.


5. I think my order got lost, what am I supposed to do? 

If the parcel gets lost (to say it’s lost you need to wait at least two months), I can’t remake the doll/s you have purchased as each one is a unique piece, but if you chose traceable shipping (ONLY if you choose traceable one), I can refund you at 100%, shipping costs included.

Instead, if the mail gets lost and you chose regular shipping, I’m not responsible for the loss, but make sure to contact me and I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Just for you to know, I have been shipping worldwide since 2013 and until now only 1 parcel got lost.


6. What payments do you accept?

I accept Paypal only for the moment.


About the dolls:


1. How much are your dolls/charms/creations?

It really depends on each design, the details put in each piece.

Please, notice that prices are in Euro (find a USD coverter here: http://www.x-rates.com/calculator/?from=EUR&to=USD&amount=1

Average prices:

  • Fairies (with or without simple wings): 30-35 EUR
  • Fairies with shaded wings: 35-40 EUR
  • Mermaids: 30-40 EUR
  • Pop characters: 20-30 EUR
  • Clay paintings: 50-70 EUR


2. What’s the size of your dolls?

The actual size of my dolls is about 3.5 CM (not inches) sized, which means they are really light (about 15 gr.)!


3. What material(s) do you use?

I mainly use polymer clay yo make my dolls. Brand I use the most are from FIMO, Premo!/Premo! Accents and Cernit (only a couple of colors). I also use acrylics to paint gold/silver accents, eyes, mouth. Then I glaze everything to protect the paint and the doll itself.


4. How long does it take for you to make your dolls?

It depends on each design, but generally my original characters take from 3 up to 5-6-7 hours. Pop characters (generally less complicated than my OC) take from 1 up to 3 hours.


5. How do you not leave fingerprints/dust on your clay creations?

It’s kinda hard to explain but.. I just smooth the clay with the finger until I am happy with the result. About dust, I try to have my hands as clean as possible, I roll in my hands a junk piece of clay to take away the peels and if some end on the clay, I just remove them one by one with the cutter.


6. How do make the clay so thin?

Hi everyone, meet my friend.. the pasta machine xD


7. What tools do you use to sculpt?
It may be weird but I only use 2 tools: toothpick and a cutter.
8. How do you take pictures to your creations?

Well, it’s pretty easy, take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6fnHEvLyAE + I always go outside to take my pictures as the natural light is the best tool you can ask for.




About custom orders


1. Do you do custom order?

Oh well, yes and no. I mean that at the moment they are closed, but I try to open about 5 slots per month.


2. How do I know you’re opening them?

That’s easy: I will be announcing the custom orders opening on my instagram profile only, so stay tuned over there if you don’t want to miss the chance to have something unique made just for you.


3. How do they work?

Even easier: I’m going to have some listings here on the website and by purchasing that listing you purchased the right to have a custom chibi doll!


4. What can I ask you to make?

Generally there are two custom orders types: custom fairies/mermaids chibis OR pop characters chibis from anime, manga, movies, cartoons etc..


5. Can I purchase two custom orders?

I’d like you to purchase only one c.o., so more people will have the chance to grab one.


6. Can you pleeeeease copy this character/style from XXX artist? 

NO. Guys, just NO. First of all it is rude to ask me to copy someone else’s work. I mean, if you come to me it means you like what I do, no what other people make. Secondly that is called stealing because I am actually making profit on someone else’s hard work. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it totally bothers me.


8. How much does it take for you to prepare my custom order?

Generally from 2 up to 4 weeks.


9. What can I customize about my doll?

You can customize:
– color scheme
– eyes color
– hair color/hair lenght
– outfit/if it’s a mermaid, tail/fins type


10. How do I tell you want I want?

After you’ve purchased this item, you may want to convo me and tell me:
1. whether you prefer a mermaid or a fairy
2. hair color
3. eyes color
4. color scheme you’d like me to use
5. hair style (if you have no idea, I’ll just go according to my tastes)
6. any other detail about the outfit (if you choose a fairy) – any other detail for your mermaid (for example.. green flowers in the hair, a starfish on her face, elf ears/human ears/ i don’t want to see ears, I want glitter, I don’t want glitter, I want gold accents, I want silver accents, I don’t want accents at all). Remember I cannot be in your mind, so any detail you want me to make must be written in the form or I will just go according to my tastes.


11. Can I see my doll before you ship it out?

Of course. I’m going to make your doll, bake it, add some painted details (such as eyes, gold/silver accents -if requested-, mouth, cheeks) and once it is done, I will show her to you.


12. I do not/can’t:

Recreate a chibi I have already made. Like I said, anything here at Mondoinundito is unique, so you can request a specific color scheme I have used, for example, but you can’t request anything like “can you please copy this chibi of yours? I’d like to have the hair in the same position/shape”. No guys, I can’t do that;
– If you’re wondering whether my creations are easy to break, I’d suggest to look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g_251PUPeI



Personal questions;

1. Is Mondoinundito your main/only job?

“Unfortunately” not. I work as a pre-press employee for a big company that prints stickers, comics and mangas (yes, that’s cool), named Panini. That’s my main job, the one I am supposed to pay the bills with, for now, but I’m working hard to make a living on Mondoinundito, which is, actually my main goal.


2. Do you have any other hobbies?

Absolutely yes! I’m quite an active person, I guess. My main love is swimming. I have been doing it since i was like.. 5. I think it is very relaxing, especially for my nerves. I also like roller blading, playing beach volley, ping-pong. I also enjoy photography, drawing, listening to music and hanging out.


3. What music do you listen to?

Basically everything.. More or less.. Just to mention some of my favorites: Queen, Phil Collins/Genesis, Eagles, Micheal Bublè, Ed Sheeran and so many others. I can’t stand rap though.


4. Do you play any video games?

I was used to when I was younger and I still love them very much (my favorite one was Final Fantasy X – omggggg -) but at the moment nope, I seriously don’t have time for that anymore and I definitely enjoy more doing other things.


5. How did you start or what inspired you making clay stuff?

I know that most of artsy people usually say that they have always being doing crafty things since when they were younger, but for me the very truth is that I had never made anything handmade before 2012, when I started using polymer clay.
I don’t even know how it began, honestly. I just remember I started doing some horrible cupcake, pizza, sweets etc. and charms and I thought it was kind of funny. At a certain point, some of my friends showed interest in my creations and started purchasing from me; that made me think I may enlarge the thing to the Internet, until when I created an Instagram profile and an Etsy shop, back in 2013. I have never stopped ever since, practicing from 3 up to 10 hours a day (when I had the chance to).


5. How did you start or what inspired you making clay stuff?

I have so many I will probably forget someone but..

Polymer clay artists:
Angenia CreationsMabelstory, Thelittlemew, Gingerbouf, Pinksugarcotton Daniela Pupa Kawaii..

Crocheting / Needle felting:
Anyazoe / Delana

Claire Keane (above all, she truly inspires me so much I can’t even), Brittney Lee, Glenn Keane, Lorelay Bovè, Skottie Young, Winklebeebee, Punziella, Itslopez